I lowered my electrical bill $200 per month. Kaydi is the Best! Thanks Kaydi for your attention to detail.

Derrick B. – Sacramento, Ca

Thanks to you and your crew for making our installation of the thermal solar panels a good experience.  I was definitely surprised when your crew cleaned up after installation.  Not all tradesmen understand how important it is to customers.  Now for the absolute best news of all: our first electric bill after the installation of our solar panels was about $250 less than each of the prior 3 electric bills.  😉 Thanks a Million!

Susie J. – Sacramento, Ca

I am very excited about my new solar energy system, it’s really great to see a $15 electric bill instead of previous $360. I want to thank Local Pro Solar for they fast and great service.

Jamie C. – Folsom, Ca

I am quite impressed with my solar panel installation and with the professional service performed by Local Pro Solar.

Daniel J. – Elk Grove, Ca

There is no doubt in our mind that solar is the best for the environment. We really wanted to go solar due to the 30% federal tax credit. My husband’s Roofing business is doing very very well and we needed to offset our tax liability with the IRS. Our CPA put it like this to us, “You can either pay the man his tax or you can install solar and have him pay you. Installing something that produces free electricity for the next 25 years we live in this house instead of paying taxes! For a down payment on our investment of only $5,000, we jumped on the opportunity. We couldn’t have asked for a better company.

Lisa R. – Rocklin, Ca

Just wanted to express our complete and total pleasure with our new solar electric system.  Each day we have watched our net energy usage with amazement.  Our power bills have basically disappeared. Thanks for your insight and guidance

Rick S. – Sacramento, Ca