Solar Installation Overview – What to expect.

Everything we do is designed to be flexible to your needs and save you money.

Call us for a free solar evaluation with a solar specialist. We will build you a free, personalized solar plan of action for your home. Your plan will include:

  • Solar design assessment – Solar installation report of your property and surrounding skyline, plus solar installation design.
  • Savings and Electricity Production Estimates – Foretasted usage and  generation of solar power.
  • Financing Options – We fit your needs. Purchase, Lease, Monitor/Warranty, Go Green Hybrid
  • Our team has loaned to American homeowners a crossed the USA so financing is not a problem.
  • We’ll work with you personally to identify the right financing options to fit your needs.

These are just some of the options available; don’t see the right one for you? That’s OK. We will create one personalized for your needs.

  • MONITOR/WARRANTY – $0 Down – This plans allows families to go solar with no upfront costs while reducing their monthly expense for electricity.
  • LEASE – If you want to pre-pay a portion of the cost for your solar system upfront, we can lock in your energy cost for years to come. This investment increases the savings you’ll enjoy on a monthly basis.
  • GO GREEN – We offer reduced fees and interest rates with the Go Green by bundling a refinance with your solar system. In a partnership we can provide you with a Solar Installation in Sacramento or your city and can approve your refinance and coordinate a solar install, all under one roof.
  • PURCHASE – If you prefer, you can buy your system with cash or financing through your own or our in house financing.

You could be eligible for many different types of rebates and tax credits. We  will identify all that apply to you ensuring that you maximize your savings. We will even credit you for the state rebate upfront so that you don’t have to wait for the government to send you a check. To find out exactly how much you can save today, call us to set up a free solar consultation. 

  • First Steps – Solar Panel installation starts with calling us for a free solar evaluation on your home.
  • Next – We would install solar panels and a solar system on your roof. The panels capture the sun’s energy with the solar panels and the solar system converts that to usable energy for your home.
  • Energy Sharing – Extra electricity that you don’t use get sent to the city grid for others to use. You are paid by your local utility company for your surplus of electricity. Our utility meter measures your usage and if you produce more power than you use the meter literally spins backward.
  • Surplus Power – This surplus power gives you credit with the utility company that will go toward your next bill. If there are times when you need more power than your solar system is providing, then your utility company provides the electricity your home requires.
  • Our Solar Systems Performance – Paramount Solar systems are designed for the best performance possible. We will create a solar system for your home and for your energy needs.
  • Performance Guaranteed – We’re so confident in our solar systems’ Savings and Electricity Production Estimates that we guarantee them. If your solar system doesn’t produce the energy we described, we’ll write you a check.
  • It all starts with one Free phone call, Go Green Today.

The Problem – The Effect – The Solution

Some say you don’t need to wash your solar panels, that an occasional rain storm will effectively clean your solar panels for you. Well I say it rains on your car too how clean is that after it rains?
Industry reports say that scheduled cleanings will increase the lifespan of your solar panels. Here are some more interesting facts about cleaning solar panels:

  • Dirty solar panels lose around 15 – 25% of their efficiency
  • Increase your return on your solar system investment pay back time by 3 – 5 years

Researchers found that solar panels mounted on an angle of five degrees or less caused bigger losses in efficiency. That is because dirt comes off panels that are installed at a steeper angle easier.

Solar panels heavily soiled with bird droppings should always be cleaned.  That’s because the droppings essentially block all 100% sunlight and will not be washed away when it rains.

Researchers found that in certain geographic areas, photovoltaic panels get dirty enough to warrant cleaning on a monthly or quarterly basis, to very specific for example, being directly next to and downwind of a highway, factory or agricultural field or live in a metropolitan city will generate enough dirt to warrant cleaning regularly.
Sites in the survey were of the California Solar Initiative, a state-funded rebate program for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison.
The California Public Utilities Commission funded the research.
Next steps in the research would be looking more closely at the homes that warrant cleaning and determining what caused the panels to get so dirty in the first place.

Modern photovoltaic (PV) technologies like solar panels make renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into usable electricity.  “So why aren’t we all using free energy to power our homes?” When asked, most people say “the cost of installing a solar system is to expensive”. But solar panel products are getting better and cheaper all the time. And with company’s like us that provide the solar system at no upfront cost, more and more people chose to do their part in saving the planet and save money on their electric bill at the same time. This technology is changing the way we think and use electricity.

The Portfolio tiles below are collective of information about Solar panel installation, Solar Rebates, Government Programs for 30% rebates and the best solar panels to buy. 

California Energy Upgrades in Sacramento

Solar Panels on your home in Sacramento, California will save you money on your electric bill.

Most of California citizens do not realize how much money that they invest in energy use each year. The electricity prices in California have increased by 50% since 1990 and have been projected to increase by roughly 3-4% each year. With electricity bills projected to rise, wise home owner’s are slowly switching to alternative energy by installing solar systems in their home. If  your average utility bill is $150/month, having a solar system in your home in California can help you save over $1,250 every year!! From San Diego to Los Angeles, and from the Bay Area to Sacramento, Ca home owners are earning their money back using solar power!

Residential Photovoltaic Solar Panels

A typical residential photovoltaic system costs between $15,000-$25,000 after rebates and incentives. Contemplating that you’ll most likely spend above $72,000 in electrical bills within the next twenty five years, this is easy math to see that the cost to cover photovoltaic panels installation is covered. However, for a lot of people, that signifies too big of an in investment. Generally, the payment per month is still under the cost of solar panels so you will save money on your utility bill. Additionally,  solar energy panels will increase the value of your house too.

California Photovoltaic Rebates and Tax Incentives

California has many great rebate programs along with Federal rebates and Tax Incentives. These financial options will really make it simpler to pay for the solar energy systems for your home. Whether your home is in Sacramento Northern California, Los Angeles or  San Diego maybe even Bakersfield, you will see a rebate and/or incentive that can help make California sun energy a real possibility for you personally. The Mr solar panel installer is going to be current on all of the relevant solar incentives based on where you reside in order to save you as much money as you possibly can.

California Energy Upgrades and Benefits

You will find a number of benefits of home photovoltaic energy: photo voltaic systems can reduce your electric power bills by 70% possibly even more — No longer will home owner’s need to pay 1000’s of dollars every year for their power companies.

Give us a call and find out how you can save thousands of dollars a year using solar power.


CSI – The California Solar Initiative

Getting Started

The California Solar Initiative offers cash back for installing solar on your home or business.

California is striving to become the leading example of statewide  new solar-generated electricity adaptation, moving the state towards a clean energy future. And you can help!

Join the thousands of home and business owners who have earned cash back rebates by installing solar energy systems through the California Solar Initiative. Customers earn cash rebates for every watt of solar energy installed on homes, businesses, farms, schools, and government and non-profit organizations.

The following information is from the California Solar Initiative. This is one of the leading programs in California for Solar Rebates.


Do I qualify?

If you buy electricity from one of California’s three investor-owned utilities (IOUs – Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, or San Diego Gas & Electric), and you have roof or ground space that gets unobstructed sunlight from 11 a.m. to sunset year round, you qualify for cash back incentives through the California Solar Initiative. Customers of municipal utilities also qualify for incentives through their municipal service provider.

Click here to contact your IOU for information on their program.

If you don’t know your utility company, you can find them via this searchable database.


What Do I Do Next?

Earning incentives for solar energy is simple. Just follow these five easy steps:

Step 1: Energy Efficiency Audit
Complete an energy efficiency audit and make sure to take advantage of all the cost-effective ways to save energy and money in your home or business.

Step 2: Find a Solar Installer
Qualified contractors are your key to getting the most productive solar energy system for your home or business.

Step 3: Apply for Rebates
Qualified contractors will handle the CSI application process for your rebates in two or three steps.

Step 4: Install Your System
If you have received your reservation confirmation letter, you’re ready to install your system and interconnect to the utility’s power grid.

Step 5: Claim Your Incentive
When your project is installed and operational you may submit the Incentive Claim Form.

Ready to Get Started? Call us today to apply for a solar consultation. Give us a call and find out how you can save thousands of dollars a year using solar power.

Energy Upgrade California

Federal Tax Credit For Solar Installation

 The Sun for energy just feels good — solar power reduces our use of coal, nuclear and other fossil fuels, thereby helping reduce your individual carbon footprint.

Encouraged Americans use solar panels to power their homes , the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy run the Energy Star program, among other projects. Tax credits for solar-powered systems are given to qualified applicants.


Credits for Approved Solar System Installations

When you install Energy Star-approved solar-power systems before the end of 2016, you can claim 30 percent of the cost as a tax credit for the year you installed it.

As a credit deduction, you take the amount off your tax’s, rather than as a deduction from your taxable income. You can claim the credit for your main residence, a vacation home, and for either an existing structure or new construction. That means other than the cost of the system, there’s no limit to the dollar amount of the credit.

Claiming Solar Credits for Rental Property
You can’t claim a credit for installing solar power at rental properties you own.

The only exception is if you live in the home for part of the year, Tip: Use it as a rental when you’re away on vacation. You’ll have to reduce the credit for a vacationing home, rental or otherwise, to reflect the time you’re not there. If you reside there for three months a year, you can only claim 25 percent of the credit: If the system cost $20,000, the 30 percent credit would be $6,000, and you could claim a quarter of that, or $1500.


Filing Requirements for Solar Installation Credits

To claim the installation credit, you must file your IRS Form 5695 as part of your tax return, you can calculate the credit on the form, then enter the result on your 1040.

If you end up with a bigger credit than you have income tax due — a $6,000 credit on a $3,500 tax bill, for instance — you can’t use the credit to get money back from the IRS. But, you can carry the credit over to the following tax year. Energy Star states like California are able to carry the credit over as far as 2016 if need be.


Federal Tax Credits for Energy Star Solar Systems

Not all ENERGY STAR qualified products qualify for a tax credit. ENERGY STAR distinguishes energy efficient products. To find out more about the specific qualified ENERGY STAR Solar Systems Go here to the  ENERGY STAR government site.


Solar Energy Industries Association

As the national trade association in the U.S., the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the power behind solar energy. Our member companies research, manufacture, distribute, finance, and build solar projects domestically and abroad. I found this page on Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).


Dsireusa Information on Solar Incentives

DSIRE is the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewable and energy efficiency in the United States. Established in 1995, DSIRE is currently operated by the N.C. Solar Center at N.C. State University, with support from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. DSIRE is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. I found this page on Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

What is the cost of a solar panel Sacramento

How much for a solar panel system?

In order to determine how much it would cost you to get solar panels installed to cover your power bill or at least reduce your costs, you need to determine the following:

  • How many kilowatt hours will your home use per month? (discover the details of your electric bill)
  • How much roof area do you have to install panels on? (south facing roof is preferred)
  • How many sun hours will your desired location get per day on average? (this is averaged over the course of a year)
  • How much are you able to afford to invest in order to offset your energy expenses?

An average home in the United States requires approximately 20 – 24 kWh of electricity everyday. An array of panels able to produce this much power are about 4 kW or more in size (based on 5 sunlight hours per day) and the price runs from $15,500 – $20,000 installed (not implementing any incentives).

Determined by within pricing as of August 2012, a 24 cell 786 kWh grid tie system could be approximately $8,630 before any suitable financial incentives. The price does include the cost of installation or racks into consideration.

Looking at worldwide prices as of 2009, the average cost per W installed of a 2-5 KW residential solar energy system was $4.70 within Japan, $7.70 in Philippines and from $5-$11 in the United States based on a report completed by (Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews).

Prices vary based on building and techniques used in the configuration, the type and model of equipment used and what company does the installation. The type superiority panel as well as the size of your array affects the final expense of an installation. Manufacturers price each panel based on the effectiveness and longevity. Panels that will retain their efficiency in great length are usually more expensive. Monocrystalline panels include the most costly but generate the most watts per area, so you will need fewer panels and will not need as much space. Building completely integrated panels are also on the expensive side, but they are the best choice when appearance is crucial.

Your neighborhood and city can also have a big impact on the ultimate price of a solar energy project. The federal government and local governments in many countries offer financial incentives to make buying and installing programs more affordable. Prices are also depend on local weather conditions. Due to limited sun hours per day, the fee per kilowatt installed will be higher than in sunnier countries like Mexico.


Types and Benefits  with Solar Panels

Crystalline panels are the most popular type of solar panel. This technology has existed for about 50 years and was first developed in order to power satellites. They are capable of being up to 20% efficient. This technology are highly reliable (Twenty-five year warranties are common) and produce related results in terms of output effectiveness. The primary downsides of using crystalline are generally that they can be bulky, pricey, prone to damage, are rigid and require a lot of labor to set up. That said, they are often the best choice for any residential solar energy system. They are available in two varieties: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Monocrystalline plastic panels are made up of single-crystal wafer cells cut from, cylindrical crystal ingots. They can be cut completely round to minimize waste, but they are frequently trimmed into other, a lot more square-like shapes (see below). Considering that each is made from a single gem, the cells have a uniform, fast color. They are the most efficient cells available today (they produce much more power per square foot), nonetheless they cost more than all others.

Polycrystalline plastic panels are made of multi-crystal wafer cells lower from square ingots that are manufactured by pouring molten silicon into a mold. So it can be cut into square wafers to minimize waste. Each is made up of a lot of random crystal formations which make it various colours of blue. These are slightly less energy efficient, and also cheaper than monocrystalline panels.

Thin motion picture modules are very inexpensive, and also quite inefficient (require more area per watt produced). Their efficiency is 10% or less and their long-term durability is often questioned. They are less expensive given that they require less of the active material to function. In fact, they can be made microscopically thin, flexible and lightweight and are lodged on a sheet of goblet or metal instead of needing to grow ingots and slice wafers. Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is among the most cost effective thin film technology. Amorphous silicon is material used to create panels that can be molded to the shape of almost any surface. Almost all of the research and development of solar cells is currently being focused on thin film systems.

Building integrated photovoltaic solar panels (BIPV)  look like an integral part of a roof since they are the same size and shape while shingles. They have lower efficiency and are more expensive as compared to other panel types because of their size. These are most effective on large roofing in very sunny areas.


Solar Panels Cost Matrix Water Home heating Solar Panels:

Low End water heating Solar Panels

  • Range $100 – $3,500 – Water heating for 2 or Three bedroom apartments

Medium end water heating Solar Panels

  • Range $3,500 – $7,000 – Swimming Pool heat and home drinking water heating

High End water heating system Solar Panels

  • Range $7,000 : $10,000 –  Water Heating for entire individual family home (2500 Sq ft ) along with Solar Swimming Pool Heaters.

Solar power systems Cost Matrix air Heating Solar power systems:

Low end air heat solar panels

  • Range $500 – $2,500 – Heating one particular room in a house along with self installation

Medium end air heating solar panels

  • Range $5,000 – $20,000 – Heating apartments Two bedroom apartments, townhouses( 1600 Sq feet) with professional installations

High end air heating solar panels

  • Range $25,000 and above – Heating an entire single family homes usually with professional installations

Solar power panels Cost Matrix Photovoltaic Solar Panels:

Low end Photovoltaic solar panels

  • Range $10,000 – $15,000 – For a home which needs simply 1KW electric power

Medium end PV solar panels

  • Range $15,000 – $25,000 – For a home which needs 3KW electric power

High end Sun Solar Panels

  • Range $25,000 – 45,000 – For a home which needs 5KW electric power.

Many people ask “what is the best solar panels system or solution for them”?

There are several different types of systems on the market. One that we found that had some pretty high ratings was the Kyocera Solar Panels.

These solar panels provide a vigorous 16 percent solar efficiency to produce a lot of electricity for your home. On the scale This is not the highest percentage of solar efficiency regarding modules on the market, but it is quite high. Over the lifetime of your solar panel systems with typical use, this kind of level of solar efficiency will absolutely result in some welcome cost savings when it comes to your residential utility bills.

These rooftop panels generate a maximum of 315 watts of power, 39.8 is the maximum voltage and a total power current of 7.92 amps. In each panel there are 80 cells.


You get an adequate warranty with these Kyocera solar panels. The product and workmanship are both covered for the first five years. The company will extend warranty coverage regarding 10 years promising a power creation of 90 percent of the minimum graded power that you were told you would certainly receive when the system was first installed. For 20 years, the Kyocera Solar warranty covers output at 80 percent of the bare minimum rated power.

Kyocera officials decide if any reported problems or perhaps claims are, in fact, coated under this warranty. This warranty also is rendered void if the panels are set up improperly, are moved from the home or business that they were originally installed on, if any repairs are done that do not meet Kyocera’s specifications for such work, if they’re placed on any type of structure for which they were not intended and more.

These kinds of well-built panels can deal with a maximum load of pressure coming from something such as snow on the roof approximately 113 lbs per square foot, which is a solid maximum load and is also generally considered to be the standard for the industry. It also can endure 1-inch hail blown by gusts of wind of up to 51mph. This is also typical for most solar panels.


These kinds of solar modules can withstand bone-chilling temperatures of 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and will hold out against hot weather heights up to 194 degrees F. These particular panels are made of tempered glass and also the frame of anodized aluminum.

These kinds of panels are not self-cleaning in the sense that it requires only rainwater to wash away dust and dirt. However, that is typically true of most solar panels given that even those advertised because self-cleaning have instructions buried in their installation manuals advising homeowners to use a soft cloth or sponge to softly wipe while rinsing the particular panels with water to do a better job of getting rid of any grime. The cleaner the particular panels are, the more successfully they will function.

However, the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels are rather easy to keep. If layers of dust or any particulates through pollution settle on them, all need be done is to gently rinse them off with drinking water and a mild ordinary detergent with a soft cloth and they will sparkle once more. The installation handbook for this brand also advises that you check the wiring and also mounting hardware once a year to make sure there are no loose connections and the hardware is tightly secured.

Dimensions: 9/10

The dimensions for these solar panels are of 65.43 ins long, 51.97 ins wide and the depth is 1.8 inches. A single cell weighs 60.6 lbs.


Help & Support:


In case you encounter any problems or find that you have any qustions at all with regards to your panels, you can contact the organization by telephone or email, they are very resourcful and you will get helpful answers and solutions from their courteous company representatives. Kyocera Pv also has a frequently asked questions area on its website along with a useful blogs. Unfortunately, you do not get live talk, which would be helpful for quick strategies to any problems.



After finding out what is the best solar panels for you, these aesthically pleasing “magical” panels will reduce your electric bills and they require you to do little in the way of maintenance and cleaning. Definitely have a look at the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels if you are searching for some sun power.

What are the best solar panels?

Solar power remains to be the most practical sustainable energy alternative for nearly all people in the United States. The truth is, should you not possess an area of falling normal water on your property, or your in a location in which zoning permits the wind towers, solar power could be your only selection. Getting solar energy put in your home opens your front door to a mass amount of bonuses. Federal tax programs as well as state and local programs supply large assistance within investing in a solar electrical program.


Canada Solar CS6X-305M solar panels

Canada Solar is currently a relatively small corporation : founded in the year of 2001 — has brought itself to be a reputable maker associated with excellent solar power items which markets to consumers in over 49 countries.

Their Canada Solar CS6X-305M solar panels are visually cool to look at, and are highly effective and are available having an acceptable extended warranty.  This solar panel is the easy winner out of the top 5 that we suggest.
With one of these stable and attractive systems, you find a efficiency regarding 12-15.9 percent, which can be definitely an excellent portion in the world of solar energy quests. Most of these monocrystalline panels can produce a maximum power 305 w. They also can produce a optimum tension of Thirty-six.6 voltage along with a best electrical power existing involving 7.Thirty three amps already built in.

These are generally large in addition to somewhat small in width, which supplies these some sort of design and style of which units these people apart in look from your volume of various other solar panels, in wherein is not any doubt appealing to many shoppers. There are 72 cells in every section.

Canadian Solar power offers a 10-year warranty masking its item along with craftsmanship. You get one 12 months involving warranty protection making certain power output from 95 percent. This guarantee supplies 25 years involving insurance coverage with power on Eighty percent.

Theses solar power adventures can take in temperature because miserably low as 45 certifications under absolutely no, which is quite regular in the business. These panels additionally remain true properly within cause problems with their chance to put up with temps as much as 185 college diplomas M. The cover supplies are constructed with tempered goblet and also the shape associated with anodized light weight aluminum.

These solar panels usually are self-cleaning. Which means generally, which has a roof structure that features a first rate perspective, they’re able to basically remaining alone whenever they are set up plus the rainwater can clean out dirt and dust. However, the organization suggests in their set up guide it is a great idea to work with h2o and the other that will not scratch this cup exterior, such as a sponge or cloth, to completely clean your cells if the good portion of fabric gathers about the panels.

These sections also feature a great anti-reflective surface, which boosts the actual suggestions connected with sunshine in to the panels as well as makes them extremely effective.

Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar 
The  Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels are equipped with a sleek  black screen, dark frame polycrystalline module that gives a robust solar effectiveness, a useful guarantee and straightforward servicing.

That kind of Kyocera Solar’s solar energy panels provides a new strong 07 percent solar power proficiency to generate a lot of electric power for the home. It’s not the biggest percentage of performance regarding segments available, but it’s superb. On the use of ones solar panels along with standard make use of, this particular degree of solar efficiency really should bring about a number of pleasant personal savings with regards to your current non commercial electric bills.

These kind of beach solar panels come up with a maximum of 315 watts regarding power, a maximum existing regarding 39.8-10 along with a greatest electricity recent of 7.76 amps. You’ll find Eighty cells in each screen.
You find a adequate guarantee with such Kyocera solar power systems. The product alone and the workmanship usually are coated for the very first five years you own these individuals. The company also will expand guarantee insurance policy coverage with regard to Ten years promising an electrical manufacturing of Ninety percent on the bare minimum ranked energy that that you were said could obtain in the event the system was initially put in. For 20 several years, this Kyocera guarantee addresses output in 80 % in the minimum scored energy.

Kyocera authorities determine whether almost any noted issues or even boasts usually are, actually, included underneath that manufacturer’s warranty. Your manufacturer’s warranty is also performed emptiness should the systems are generally set up incorrectly, usually are moved with the property where they were at first placed, in the event that just about any repairs are performed that won’t meet Kyocera’s features regarding this sort of perform, when they are placed on any kind of framework which is why they weren’t designed and more.

These kinds of well-built cells can easily cope with an optimum weight connected with strain by similar to snowfall on the top up to 113 fat every square feet, that is a solid highest fill and it is generally considered to be the normal for the business. Additionally, it may withstand 1-inch come broken through winds up to 51mph. This can be regular regarding solar energy panels.

These kind of solar energy quests can certainly endure bone-chilling temps associated with 40 diplomas under no F and might hold on against hot weather altitudes as much as 194 diplomas Free p. The actual cells are constructed with tempered wine glass as well as the body connected with anodized lightweight aluminum.

These kinds of cells usually are not self-cleaning meaning that it takes simply rain to wash out dust and dirt. On the other hand, that may be typically true of almost all solar power systems due to the fact also people marketed because self-cleaning currently have recommendations hidden within their setting up study materials advising home owners to train on a delicate sponge or cloth to carefully wash even though washing the solar panels along with h2o to execute a better career to getting eliminate just about any grime. The cleaner this solar panels usually are, a lot more successfully they are going to operate.

Nonetheless, the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels are generally not hard to take care of. In the event that cellular levels of airborne debris or virtually any particulates coming from pollution select all of them, the sections will certainly twinkle following a gentle cleanup together with normal water, a light regular washing liquid as well as a smooth fabric. Not hard to install guidebook for this model likewise endorses that you confirm the electrical wiring as well as increasing computer hardware annually to ensure there are no reduce internet connections along with the components can be firmly secured.

Grape Solar 390W Solar Panels

The Grape Solar 390W panels provide a solar energy efficiency percentage of 12-15.Twenty one percent, that’s very good in the solar power business. This unit cells are usually monocrystalline and the frame is manufactured out of anodized metal. The top’s is actually tempered goblet.

On this cell, you get a maximum output of Three hundred and ninety n, an optimum electricity present regarding 1949.Some volts plus a top strength existing of seven.92 amplifiers. These types of web template modules usually are created to hold on to 97 individual tissue.

You receive a sound extended warranty while using Grape Solar power 390W web template modules. The company offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty in supplies and also artistry. Presently there also is a 10-year warrantee protecting output that will suggests you might obtain 90 % with the strength you were certain associated with getting when you formerly ordered the particular solar panels. Furthermore, there exists a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty in which claims you will definately get Eighty percent from the output that you were formerly offered.

Most of these solar panel systems are prepared for conditions of 40 diplomas beneath no to 194 levels P oker. Your Grapes Solar energy 390W systems might take about hailstones that happen to be around one in in diameter travelling with critical speed, and they can certainly resist any two-inch metal soccer ball analyzing virtually Nineteen oz of decreased on it at a long distance of a little more than four ft. They also can take care of a maximum load of compacted snow from 50 lbs each square feet.

These quests might take on fast temps connected with 50 certifications M. below absolutely no, that’s regular in the marketplace. They can also handle scorching temperature that produces beach temps as much as 194 diplomas M. The top’s products are made of tempered glass as well as the body is made from anodized metal.

Each Grape Solar energy 390W module procedures Seventy seven.Two inches long, Fifty-one.A few ins vast in addition to A single.Fifty-seven inches wide deeply. Each has a weight of 78.Only two fat. Most of these solar panels could be washed with h2o.


Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb solar panel systems

You will get strength with Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb solar panel systems, which could resist any covering associated with snowfall considering 113 weight each square feet. Furthermore, most of these clean black color monocrystalline solar energy panels may produce a solar energy efficiency regarding Fifteen.Several pct, that is a pretty healthful figure out the.

Most of these Suntech sections provide a highest energy electricity consuming associated with 250 n, highest strength existing involving Thirty.Eight voltage along with a maximum energy present regarding 8-10.Twenty-eight amplifiers. You’ll find 58 tissue every module, having a protecting involving tempered goblet and shape regarding anodized metal alloy. These kinds of solar energy panels are really easy to keep since they need to have virtually no distinct cleaning up in addition to rain, but they can be rinsed with normal water if perhaps virtually any dirt, dust as well as foliage select these.

The Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb solar panel systems can certainly tolerate temperature regarding 45 certifications beneath zero and as much as 185 levels P oker.

With such Suntech solar panels, you recruit a relatively unusual manufacturer’s warranty that’s distinctive from the conventional ensures about skillfulness along with power output, which generally are usually A decade as well as 25 years or so, respectively.

Rather, you recruit a 10-year extended warranty in craftsmanship with your solar panel systems. In terms of output, Suntech’s manufacturer’s warranty suggests it’s going to handle the panels regarding 5 years making sure 95 % of their unique power output, intended for Twelve many years at 90 percent power output as well as Eighteen decades in 85 percent. Suntech’s warranty offers Twenty five years associated with insurance policy coverage at 80 percent power output.

That Suntech solar cell style gives you somewhat common measurements of 64.Fifty six inches in total length, Twenty.July inches width in width in addition to A single.Thirty seven inches comprehensive. All these panels weighs in at 50 pounds, which is hefty on the cells within our merchandise selection.

In case you have issues, it is possible to contact the company on the phone or even e-mail. Sadly, there isn’t a are living chat selection or even business blog for more information, which can be sad because Suntech has been a drive within the solar power market considering that it’s beginning with Beginning of 2001 and also by is now offering proven an internationally profile from the market.


Every single solar panel can produce 400 m associated with power for the duration of maximum productivity. Each and every can provide 25.5 various v regarding energy from maximum amounts, as well as 7.Two built-in amplifiers connected with current at the maximum electricity recent amount.

These kind of systems have sufficient weight when it comes to influence circumstances, mainly the ever-worrisome hailstorms. This features for that Straight talk LPC250SM sections show they can resist hail that is just a bit lower than One inch in diameter currently being taken by means of winds in about Fifty-two mph. These types of panels can easily withstand temperatures changes that will cover anything from Forty degrees under no to be able to 185 college diplomas Y. The particular systems offer you high-quality effectiveness pressure and they are equipped to handle a load equal to 113 weight of snowfall per sq . ft ..

Producer recommends cleansing these kinds of systems maybe once or twice each year, utilizing h2o as well as a delicate cloth or sponge.

With such solar power panels, you get merely a five-year minimal warranty within the components and workmanship. Although no extraordinarily small amount of time to the components and design portion of any screen manufacturer’s warranty, it isn’t one of the better compared to some others available that will offer10 numerous years of insurance.

Samsung’s extended warranty also claims Ninety percent in the guaranteed power for Several years and an 80 % electrical power result regarding Twenty five years. Every single element is actually 64.18 inches extended, Thirty five.66 inches wide wide along with One particular.Eighty five inches width deep. Every has a weight of Forty one.9 kilos. If you need any assistance from the business, you are able to phone or email to get answers to queries.


Sharp ND-Q245F solar power systems

This appealing, dark Razor-sharp ND-Q245F solar power systems are generally rated inside optimum tests problems having a solar energy performance associated with 15 %. Although this isn’t the highest productivity status on the list of solar energy panels many of us critiques, still symbolizes a respectable common inside the solar energy marketplace.

These kinds of cells element cellular material crafted from polycrystalline plastic using a deal with involving tempered window as well as a utmost electricity manufacturing of 245 w.

These solar panels offer a solar efficiency rating regarding 15 %, which can be pretty excellent. Also, you get a maximum power tension connected with Up to 29.Several voltage, an optimum electrical power latest regarding 7.Thirty five amplifiers in addition to 60 cellular material each module.

Your Sharp ND-Q245 quests are built to the telltale proportions: Sixty four.Half-dozen inches lengthy, Thirty-nine.One ins extensive, One.7 inches wide deeply, and each and every module weighs 41.Being unfaithful kilos. These people work nicely inside temperature starting from 45 certifications beneath no in order to 194 college diplomas P oker. These panels tend to be strong ample to manage rather substantial effects and can withstand are that is certainly 1 inch in diameter currently being pulled around by simply gusts of wind of up to Fladskrrrm miles per hour.

The actual panels can be cleaned out by rain water, though you might make all of them considerably cleaner (and therefore sustain the optimum performance) through cleansing all of them soap and water. You will discover affordable resources on the market you can use to wash every section clear personally, you can also buy a automatic cleaning process that aerosols water and soap as well as always rinse h2o on each screen to ensure that dust, trash, simply leaves along with other supplies tend not to scar each side ones systems in addition to, more painful, lower astounding to generate electric power.

When you purchase these kinds of solar panels, you will get Sharp’s extended warranty regarding 10 years for product or service materials and also workmanship. That means cells may be changed as well as fixed should they be going to be flawed or even not work based on his or her publicized requirements should the difficulties take place as a result of no fault with the consumer.

There is also Sharp’s 25-year constrained extended warranty that ensures a specific level of output. You’re guaranteed 90 percent with the minimal output pertaining to Ten years in addition to 80 percent from the minimal power output for the left over Many years. That is supposing that this panels are already put in along with looked after effectively, are yet to confronted with excessive electrical power power or perhaps spikes and have absolutely definitely not also been transferred from the home where these people were at first mounted.
These kind of cells are available in the U . s . Talk about along with The Japanese, however they are considered to be National made, which is a vital thought for a lot of people. They provide a healthy wattage, a very beneficial solar power efficiency along with a dependable guarantee.

Having its frame-less and modernistic glass-like quests, Lumos LSX250-60M solar panels not simply include an possibility to take advantage of many sun-power to reduce the utility bills, but they also lengthen a forward-thinking and attractive cosmetic part to your rooftop that may be unanticipated in many suburbs.

These kind of monocrystalline tempered-glass solar power panels are designed for uncomplicated installation, glimpse rather interesting and gives a good solar energy proficiency amount of 15.68 %, which is not good but nevertheless may lower utility bills nicely through the years.

Not like most solar panel systems in which use anodized aluminum casings, these are generally suitable for set up with out casings hence the visual appeal of any beach installing provides effect of an solid piece of streamlined and engaging substance. As an alternative to supports, these types of panels currently have installation holes between the cellular material and can be attached with copyrighted Lumos bed rails. These kinds of use a minimal account and may merge appealingly along with almost any residence style.

Just as one further hard work to boost the particular appearance of those solar power systems, Lumos allows you to in addition opt for among the module back bedding which might be black, obvious or even white, based on what exactly seems to be greatest on your roof structure.

On the subject of greatest output, these kinds of cells give you a respectable 300 m. They have a maximum voltage involving 35.A single v plus a greatest energy existing associated with 8-10.31 built in amplifiers. The actual panels have 58 cellular material every segment. In spite of their all-glass overall look, these kinds of quests are generally strong enough to handle hailstones roughly one-inch across which can be pulled by means of finally ends up to help Fifty-two miles-per-hour. It may operate in temperature ranges between 50 diplomas beneath absolutely no to be able to 185 diplomas F.

In terms of solar panel sizes head out, based on in Sixty-four.Half-dozen inches wide long, 13.One particular ins wide and Just one.37 inches thorough. Just about every weighs in at 62.Half-dozen fat. They could manage an awful lot of compacted snow approximately 55 pounds each square foot while using portrait-style set up of panels along with 113 weight per sq . ft . while using surroundings arrangement.

When you have queries, you may get in touch with the corporation on the phone or perhaps e-mail. Lumos now offers an enlightening blog upon their web site where many times many different short articles or blog posts that stop you up-to-date with what exactly is occurring, not only having Lumos and its items, but with solar power generally speaking.

The particular Lumos LSX250-60M solar power systems tend to be sleek as well as modernistic throughout design and style and show off, provide nutritious longevity along with power. If you’d prefer a somewhat various try to find your home, have a look at these types of Lumos solar panel systems since they might be the best choice for your individual taste along with solar wants.

The Problem

A majority of our world’s current electricity is generated directly from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, these are outdated traditional energy sources. Each of these energy sources face a number of challenges such as; security concerns, rising prices, dependence on other country’s, depletion of supplies, environmental pollution and raising cost of production. Only a limited number of countries maintain a significant fossil fuel supply.  Our planet is changing due to this over use of natural resources. With a growing environmental concern for the climate change and the risk associated with these outdated power generation methods, we have to find other sources of energy.  We must all do our part to make a change.

The Effect

The result of these issues and other ominous challenges facing our traditional energy sources, consumers, governments and businesses are increasing support toward developing a sustainable alternative energy source and new technologies for creating electricity. Renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power generation have emerged as potential replacements to address these concerns. As opposed to traditional fossil fuels, which draw on limited resources that are becoming extremely expensive to use, while renewable energy sources are unlimited.The effects of over use are showing in all areas of our lives. The biggest or worst is the damaging effects it has had on our planet.
What is the cost for solar panels? There is no upfront cost when you choose Local Pro Solar!

The Solution

The creation of solar power has emerged as the most rapidly growing renewable source of electricity around the world. Solar power generation has multiple advantages over all other forms of generating electricity such as:

  • Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental Advantages
  • Molecularity and Scalability
  • Flexible Locations
  • Government Incentives
  • Matching Peak Time Output with Peak Time Demand

How much for a solar panel in California

Modern photovoltaic (PV) technologies like solar panels make renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into usable electricity.  “So why aren’t we all using free energy to power our homes?” When asked, most people say “the cost of installing a solar system is to expensive”. But solar panel products are getting better and cheaper all the time. And with company’s like us that provide the solar system at no upfront cost, more and more people chose to do their part in saving the planet and save money on their electric bill at the same time. This technology is changing the way we think and use electricity.

What is a Photovoltaic System Solar System

We can alter sunlight directly to electricity employing solar energy panels. Everyday, light rests on your roof’s solar panels in the form of photons (debris of sunlight). The cells convert those photons into electrons involving (DC) direct current electricity. The electrons move out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical energy devices. The inverter converts the DC power (which is commonly used in electric batteries) into (AC) alternating current or electrical power. AC power is the form of electricity that we use in our televisions, computers, and toasters while plugged into the wall outlet.

An internet energy meter tracks all the power your photovoltaic system produces. Any solar panel energy that you do not use at production will go back into the electrical grid through the meter ( This will run your meter backwards). During cloudy days or at night, when your system is not producing more than your residential or commercial needs, you will consume electricity from the electrical grid as normal. Your local utility company can bill you for the net usage for any given billing cycle or can provide you with a dollar credit for almost any excess during a given interval. You can carry your invoice credit forward for up to 12 months .

Solar Cells

Solar cells are modest, square-shaped panel semiconductors made from silicon and other conductive materials, manufactured in thin layers of film. When sunlight hits a solar cell, the chemical reactions release electrons, that generate electric current. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells or (PV cells) and can be found on many small appliances these days such as calculators.

Photovoltaic (PV) System Components

A PV system can include PV modules (teams of PV cells), which are commonly named PV panels; one or more batteries; a cost regulator or controller for a stand-alone system; an inverter to convert solar technology from (DC) direct current into the (AC) alternating current to meet the needs of the electricity grid system; wiring; and mounting hardware or to prop the panels framework. PV modules arrange personal PV cells, and the modules are grouped together in the form of an array. Some of the arrays are placed on special tracking devices to follow sunlight all day in order to improve system efficiency.

Solar Panel System Installation, Maintenance, and also Longevity

You could install a Photovoltaic (PV) or solar electric system yourself. But in order to avoid complications or injury, we highly recommend to hire a reputable professional contractor with experience putting in solar energy systems. While they are advanced electronic systems, solar electric systems have quite a few moving pieces, so they require little routine maintenance (an sometimes repair). The basic PV module (an interconnected, enclosed panel involving PV cells) has no moving parts and can last more than 3 decades while requiring little to no servicing. The components are designed to meet stringent dependability and durability standards to resist the elements. The best way to ensure and extend the life and usefulness of your PV system is by having it installed by a professional and taken care of properly. Most solar energy systems problems arise because of very poor or sloppy system installment. Solar electric systems that acquire rebates through the State of California are required to have a 10-year system warranty.

Incorporating Photovoltaic Systems into Your property and Business

Solar energy devices can be blended effortlessly into both traditional along with nontraditional homes, powering devices and electric systems. Electricity cells can be installed as a stand-alone element that is attached to your roof or perhaps on a separate system (pool or shed), or by using integrated roofing resources with dual functions : that as a regular roof covering shingle and as a solar cell fabrication electricity. Most common application is to mount modules on a south-facing roof or wall. PV systems might be blended into virtually every possible structure for commercial useage. You will find PV used outdoors for security lighting as well as in structures that serve as covers pertaining to tour bus shelters and parking lots.

Sunlight Requirements regarding Photovoltaic Systems

A photovoltaic (PV) system needs clear access to the sun’s rays for most or even all of the day be an effective energy system. Shading on the system significantly reduces energy output. Climate is not a major concern since PV systems are comparatively unaffected by air temps, and snow cover generally melt quickly because solar panels are positioned directly into the sunlight. Year round sunshine makes solar energy techniques useful and effective nearly everywhere in California.

The Size of Your Solar Solar Energy Systems

The size of your solar system depends on several aspects such as how much electricity as well as hot water or space temperature you use, the size of your roof, the amount you’re willing to invest, and the exactly how much energy you want to create. Contact Local Pro Solar to determine what type of system fits your needs or fiscal return.

Other Solar Technologies

Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems to target the sun’s energy using reflective gadgets such as troughs or mirror cells to produce heat that is and then used to generate electricity.

Solar water heating systems include a solar collector that faces sunshine and either heats water directly or heats a “working fluid” which, in turn, is used to increase the warmth of the water.

Understanding The Cost of Solar Panels

The majority of home and business owners that install solar panels are doing so typically to “do the right thing” a few are taking the deep look at the return on investment down the road. As well as those who may be on the fence about whether to invest in a solar electricity systems, knowing how to calculate your return on investment would be invaluable in helping you make a decision.

But go ahead and Google “ROI solar energy”  you’ll be flooded by various statistics and formulas each claiming to have the answer to your question. The simple answer is, calculating your prospective return on investment can be time consuming, but there’s no shortcuts to this process without having short changing your results.


Regarding Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power Return on Investment Calculations and Payback Period

The first step in calculating the solar panel cost and ROI is to establish your payback period also known as the point at which your current savings equal the cost of the photovoltaic (pv) system and also you break thru into pure earnings from your solar panel system. You do this in a 5-step process:

1. Establish your solar energy system net cost. Keep in mind that this is not automatically what you paid for the system. You will need to deduct any rebates or perhaps tax credits to come up with an exact cost. Local Pro Solar files all the required paperwork for you to claim almost all government incentives. Our method is a true turn-key system.

2. Determine how much energy the solar panels will collect based on the installation of your system. Local Pro Solar can help provide you with this exact information that may vary based on the amount of sunlight around your home or business and the placement of your solar panels, etc.

3. Look on your overall electric bill from your utility provider to find out how much you pay per kw hour (kWh). Many people forget to account for distribution charges. The precise way to calculate your genuine usage charges is to split your total bill by the level of hours of usage. Put another way, if you just increase the number of hours on your expenses by the kilowatt per hour fee your should see your total bill is higher than this particular calculation.

4. Calculate the whole benefit of a solar system including the power it generates per year and the SRECs that can be sold for additional income in return for the extra power generated.

5. Calculate the payback period and return on investment. The payback period could be the initial net investment split by the yearly benefit. Alternatively, the return on investment is calculated by dividing the initial investment into the yearly benefit to obtain a percentage of the initial investment that is returned each year. Typically it is our experience that a solar panel system returns 15% to 20% on initial investment!

How Complicated are the Forms ?

Local Pro Solar will use his expertise set up your solar panel system, and we will file for all the necessary records on your behalf to receive federal local and state grants, rebates, and incentives. Local Pro Solar will also perform the necessary administrative tasks to acquire SRECs to generate extra cash from your photovoltaic energy system. Included in the installation process each solar electric system also comes with a computer monitoring dashboard system which allows you to monitor your system’s performance.

Typical Costs of a Solar Power System

Depending on the desired location and design of your system, a conventional home installation ranges from 7 to 3 kilowatts and expenses between $18,000 to $40,500 to purchase.

Equipment Costs are about 45%

Solar panels: About a third with the cost of a residential solar system comes from the cost of solar panel systems, which can cost around $4,500-$12,1000.

Power inverter: The inverter converts DC to AC so you can connect directly to the grid, will surely cost $1,000-$3,000.

Mounting hardware: Based on your roof, you may need standoffs, rails, clips, etc., which cost all around $800 – $2,000.

Wiring: Wires along with wiring boxes, disconnects, conduits, as well as other electrical components often price around $1,000-$2,000.

Installation along with Permitting Costs: ~ 25%

System Installation: Before your systems installation starts generating electricity, you’ll need to pay for that cost of installation, which varies from $2,000-$4,000.

Permits & Fees: Nearby permitting and inspection fees can add over $2,500 for your solar costs. All in, permitting costs can total between $3,000-$6,000.

Sales, Advertising and marketing, and Operational Costs ~ 30%

Monitoring: Monitoring equipment and/or providers can cost up to a few 1000 dollars.

Maintenance/Repairs: These costs will be different, depending on the situation, and include the price of replacing the power inverted. Inverters typically must be replaced one or two times during the duration of your system.

Additional: Operational and also overhead costs can total about $4,000-$9,000 per installation.

Solar Rebate Offers

Incentives can help lower the expense of solar power systems. As a homeowner, you’re eligible to receive 30% off the total price of your photovoltaic (solar panel) system from the federal government in the form of a National Solar Tax Credit. If you do buy a home solar energy system, you could end up having to wait so long as 16 months to receive the main benefit of the tax credit.

Based on Local Pro Solar extensive experience, we have found our customers average a 15-20% return on investment according to a typical payback period of involving 4-7 years.

Do More, Live Green

To ensure your payback period is as short as you possibly can, Local Pro Solar can help you research and apply for grants, incentives, rebates as well as tax credits that lessen your out-of-pocket cost for solar panel system installation while recommending the best system to maximize your daily energy savings.