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The Problem – The Effect – The Solution

Some say you don’t need to wash your solar panels, that an occasional rain storm will effectively clean your solar panels for you. Well I say it rains on your car too how clean is that after it rains?
Industry reports say that scheduled cleanings will increase the lifespan of your solar panels. Here are some more interesting facts about cleaning solar panels:

  • Dirty solar panels lose around 15 – 25% of their efficiency
  • Increase your return on your solar system investment pay back time by 3 – 5 years

Researchers found that solar panels mounted on an angle of five degrees or less caused bigger losses in efficiency. That is because dirt comes off panels that are installed at a steeper angle easier.

Solar panels heavily soiled with bird droppings should always be cleaned.  That’s because the droppings essentially block all 100% sunlight and will not be washed away when it rains.

Researchers found that in certain geographic areas, photovoltaic panels get dirty enough to warrant cleaning on a monthly or quarterly basis, to very specific for example, being directly next to and downwind of a highway, factory or agricultural field or live in a metropolitan city will generate enough dirt to warrant cleaning regularly.
Sites in the survey were of the California Solar Initiative, a state-funded rebate program for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison.
The California Public Utilities Commission funded the research.
Next steps in the research would be looking more closely at the homes that warrant cleaning and determining what caused the panels to get so dirty in the first place.

Modern photovoltaic (PV) technologies like solar panels make renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into usable electricity.  “So why aren’t we all using free energy to power our homes?” When asked, most people say “the cost of installing a solar system is to expensive”. But solar panel products are getting better and cheaper all the time. And with company’s like us that provide the solar system at no upfront cost, more and more people chose to do their part in saving the planet and save money on their electric bill at the same time. This technology is changing the way we think and use electricity.

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What is the cost of a solar panel Sacramento

How much for a solar panel system?

In order to determine how much it would cost you to get solar panels installed to cover your power bill or at least reduce your costs, you need to determine the following:

  • How many kilowatt hours will your home use per month? (discover the details of your electric bill)
  • How much roof area do you have to install panels on? (south facing roof is preferred)
  • How many sun hours will your desired location get per day on average? (this is averaged over the course of a year)
  • How much are you able to afford to invest in order to offset your energy expenses?

An average home in the United States requires approximately 20 – 24 kWh of electricity everyday. An array of panels able to produce this much power are about 4 kW or more in size (based on 5 sunlight hours per day) and the price runs from $15,500 – $20,000 installed (not implementing any incentives).

Determined by within pricing as of August 2012, a 24 cell 786 kWh grid tie system could be approximately $8,630 before any suitable financial incentives. The price does include the cost of installation or racks into consideration.

Looking at worldwide prices as of 2009, the average cost per W installed of a 2-5 KW residential solar energy system was $4.70 within Japan, $7.70 in Philippines and from $5-$11 in the United States based on a report completed by (Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews).

Prices vary based on building and techniques used in the configuration, the type and model of equipment used and what company does the installation. The type superiority panel as well as the size of your array affects the final expense of an installation. Manufacturers price each panel based on the effectiveness and longevity. Panels that will retain their efficiency in great length are usually more expensive. Monocrystalline panels include the most costly but generate the most watts per area, so you will need fewer panels and will not need as much space. Building completely integrated panels are also on the expensive side, but they are the best choice when appearance is crucial.

Your neighborhood and city can also have a big impact on the ultimate price of a solar energy project. The federal government and local governments in many countries offer financial incentives to make buying and installing programs more affordable. Prices are also depend on local weather conditions. Due to limited sun hours per day, the fee per kilowatt installed will be higher than in sunnier countries like Mexico.


Types and Benefits  with Solar Panels

Crystalline panels are the most popular type of solar panel. This technology has existed for about 50 years and was first developed in order to power satellites. They are capable of being up to 20% efficient. This technology are highly reliable (Twenty-five year warranties are common) and produce related results in terms of output effectiveness. The primary downsides of using crystalline are generally that they can be bulky, pricey, prone to damage, are rigid and require a lot of labor to set up. That said, they are often the best choice for any residential solar energy system. They are available in two varieties: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Monocrystalline plastic panels are made up of single-crystal wafer cells cut from, cylindrical crystal ingots. They can be cut completely round to minimize waste, but they are frequently trimmed into other, a lot more square-like shapes (see below). Considering that each is made from a single gem, the cells have a uniform, fast color. They are the most efficient cells available today (they produce much more power per square foot), nonetheless they cost more than all others.

Polycrystalline plastic panels are made of multi-crystal wafer cells lower from square ingots that are manufactured by pouring molten silicon into a mold. So it can be cut into square wafers to minimize waste. Each is made up of a lot of random crystal formations which make it various colours of blue. These are slightly less energy efficient, and also cheaper than monocrystalline panels.

Thin motion picture modules are very inexpensive, and also quite inefficient (require more area per watt produced). Their efficiency is 10% or less and their long-term durability is often questioned. They are less expensive given that they require less of the active material to function. In fact, they can be made microscopically thin, flexible and lightweight and are lodged on a sheet of goblet or metal instead of needing to grow ingots and slice wafers. Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is among the most cost effective thin film technology. Amorphous silicon is material used to create panels that can be molded to the shape of almost any surface. Almost all of the research and development of solar cells is currently being focused on thin film systems.

Building integrated photovoltaic solar panels (BIPV)  look like an integral part of a roof since they are the same size and shape while shingles. They have lower efficiency and are more expensive as compared to other panel types because of their size. These are most effective on large roofing in very sunny areas.


Solar Panels Cost Matrix Water Home heating Solar Panels:

Low End water heating Solar Panels

  • Range $100 – $3,500 – Water heating for 2 or Three bedroom apartments

Medium end water heating Solar Panels

  • Range $3,500 – $7,000 – Swimming Pool heat and home drinking water heating

High End water heating system Solar Panels

  • Range $7,000 : $10,000 –  Water Heating for entire individual family home (2500 Sq ft ) along with Solar Swimming Pool Heaters.

Solar power systems Cost Matrix air Heating Solar power systems:

Low end air heat solar panels

  • Range $500 – $2,500 – Heating one particular room in a house along with self installation

Medium end air heating solar panels

  • Range $5,000 – $20,000 – Heating apartments Two bedroom apartments, townhouses( 1600 Sq feet) with professional installations

High end air heating solar panels

  • Range $25,000 and above – Heating an entire single family homes usually with professional installations

Solar power panels Cost Matrix Photovoltaic Solar Panels:

Low end Photovoltaic solar panels

  • Range $10,000 – $15,000 – For a home which needs simply 1KW electric power

Medium end PV solar panels

  • Range $15,000 – $25,000 – For a home which needs 3KW electric power

High end Sun Solar Panels

  • Range $25,000 – 45,000 – For a home which needs 5KW electric power.

The Problem

A majority of our world’s current electricity is generated directly from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, these are outdated traditional energy sources. Each of these energy sources face a number of challenges such as; security concerns, rising prices, dependence on other country’s, depletion of supplies, environmental pollution and raising cost of production. Only a limited number of countries maintain a significant fossil fuel supply.  Our planet is changing due to this over use of natural resources. With a growing environmental concern for the climate change and the risk associated with these outdated power generation methods, we have to find other sources of energy.  We must all do our part to make a change.

The Effect

The result of these issues and other ominous challenges facing our traditional energy sources, consumers, governments and businesses are increasing support toward developing a sustainable alternative energy source and new technologies for creating electricity. Renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power generation have emerged as potential replacements to address these concerns. As opposed to traditional fossil fuels, which draw on limited resources that are becoming extremely expensive to use, while renewable energy sources are unlimited.The effects of over use are showing in all areas of our lives. The biggest or worst is the damaging effects it has had on our planet.
What is the cost for solar panels? There is no upfront cost when you choose Local Pro Solar!

The Solution

The creation of solar power has emerged as the most rapidly growing renewable source of electricity around the world. Solar power generation has multiple advantages over all other forms of generating electricity such as:

  • Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental Advantages
  • Molecularity and Scalability
  • Flexible Locations
  • Government Incentives
  • Matching Peak Time Output with Peak Time Demand

How much for a solar panel in California

Modern photovoltaic (PV) technologies like solar panels make renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into usable electricity.  “So why aren’t we all using free energy to power our homes?” When asked, most people say “the cost of installing a solar system is to expensive”. But solar panel products are getting better and cheaper all the time. And with company’s like us that provide the solar system at no upfront cost, more and more people chose to do their part in saving the planet and save money on their electric bill at the same time. This technology is changing the way we think and use electricity.

Commercial Solar Installation Sacramento

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Is solar on your Horizon?

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What are the costs of a solar system?

As energy technology rapidly advances and the cost of solar energy systems falls below traditional fossil generation, it’s time to turn to a better source of energy. Residential and commercial solar providers, are leading the way in comprehensive, renewable energy solutions for utilities. Thanks to our industry-leading cost structure, vast experience and modern communications infrastructure, we empower energy providers with cleaner, more affordable and more reliable energy systems.

Together, we can create a brighter future—for the planet.

One of the top concerns with many people, is can they will be able to afford it. Though the expense of purchasing a system can seem high, it really does depend on your situation, and it really is an investment like no other. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or an individual you are paying every month for energy bills. If you have the expendable income to use for switching to residential solar, you would do very well to talk to energy planners about your investment options. If your budget is tight, you still should strongly consider booking an appointment as you will likely see that even when you cannot purchase or finance your system, we still have options to get you saving money in many cases with no money down.