The Problem

A majority of our world’s current electricity is generated directly from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, these are outdated traditional energy sources. Each of these energy sources face a number of challenges such as; security concerns, rising prices, dependence on other country’s, depletion of supplies, environmental pollution and raising cost of production. Only a limited number of countries maintain a significant fossil fuel supply.  Our planet is changing due to this over use of natural resources. With a growing environmental concern for the climate change and the risk associated with these outdated power generation methods, we have to find other sources of energy.  We must all do our part to make a change.

The Effect

The result of these issues and other ominous challenges facing our traditional energy sources, consumers, governments and businesses are increasing support toward developing a sustainable alternative energy source and new technologies for creating electricity. Renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power generation have emerged as potential replacements to address these concerns. As opposed to traditional fossil fuels, which draw on limited resources that are becoming extremely expensive to use, while renewable energy sources are unlimited.The effects of over use are showing in all areas of our lives. The biggest or worst is the damaging effects it has had on our planet.
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The Solution

The creation of solar power has emerged as the most rapidly growing renewable source of electricity around the world. Solar power generation has multiple advantages over all other forms of generating electricity such as:

  • Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental Advantages
  • Molecularity and Scalability
  • Flexible Locations
  • Government Incentives
  • Matching Peak Time Output with Peak Time Demand

How much for a solar panel in California

Modern photovoltaic (PV) technologies like solar panels make renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into usable electricity.  “So why aren’t we all using free energy to power our homes?” When asked, most people say “the cost of installing a solar system is to expensive”. But solar panel products are getting better and cheaper all the time. And with company’s like us that provide the solar system at no upfront cost, more and more people chose to do their part in saving the planet and save money on their electric bill at the same time. This technology is changing the way we think and use electricity.


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Derrick B. – Sacramento, Ca

Thanks to you and your crew for making our installation of the thermal solar panels a good experience.  I was definitely surprised when your crew cleaned up after installation.  Not all tradesmen understand how important it is to customers.  Now for the absolute best news of all: our first electric bill after the installation of our solar panels was about $250 less than each of the prior 3 electric bills.  😉 Thanks a Million!

Susie J. – Sacramento, Ca

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Jamie C. – Folsom, Ca

I am quite impressed with my solar panel installation and with the professional service performed by Local Pro Solar.

Daniel J. – Elk Grove, Ca

There is no doubt in our mind that solar is the best for the environment. We really wanted to go solar due to the 30% federal tax credit. My husband’s Roofing business is doing very very well and we needed to offset our tax liability with the IRS. Our CPA put it like this to us, “You can either pay the man his tax or you can install solar and have him pay you. Installing something that produces free electricity for the next 25 years we live in this house instead of paying taxes! For a down payment on our investment of only $5,000, we jumped on the opportunity. We couldn’t have asked for a better company.

Lisa R. – Rocklin, Ca

Just wanted to express our complete and total pleasure with our new solar electric system.  Each day we have watched our net energy usage with amazement.  Our power bills have basically disappeared. Thanks for your insight and guidance

Rick S. – Sacramento, Ca