Solar Installation Overview – What to expect.

Everything we do is designed to be flexible to your needs and save you money.

Call us for a free solar evaluation with a solar specialist. We will build you a free, personalized solar plan of action for your home. Your plan will include:

  • Solar design assessment – Solar installation report of your property and surrounding skyline, plus solar installation design.
  • Savings and Electricity Production Estimates – Foretasted usage and  generation of solar power.
  • Financing Options – We fit your needs. Purchase, Lease, Monitor/Warranty, Go Green Hybrid
  • Our team has loaned to American homeowners a crossed the USA so financing is not a problem.
  • We’ll work with you personally to identify the right financing options to fit your needs.

These are just some of the options available; don’t see the right one for you? That’s OK. We will create one personalized for your needs.

  • MONITOR/WARRANTY – $0 Down – This plans allows families to go solar with no upfront costs while reducing their monthly expense for electricity.
  • LEASE – If you want to pre-pay a portion of the cost for your solar system upfront, we can lock in your energy cost for years to come. This investment increases the savings you’ll enjoy on a monthly basis.
  • GO GREEN – We offer reduced fees and interest rates with the Go Green by bundling a refinance with your solar system. In a partnership we can provide you with a Solar Installation in Sacramento or your city and can approve your refinance and coordinate a solar install, all under one roof.
  • PURCHASE – If you prefer, you can buy your system with cash or financing through your own or our in house financing.

You could be eligible for many different types of rebates and tax credits. We  will identify all that apply to you ensuring that you maximize your savings. We will even credit you for the state rebate upfront so that you don’t have to wait for the government to send you a check. To find out exactly how much you can save today, call us to set up a free solar consultation. 

  • First Steps – Solar Panel installation starts with calling us for a free solar evaluation on your home.
  • Next – We would install solar panels and a solar system on your roof. The panels capture the sun’s energy with the solar panels and the solar system converts that to usable energy for your home.
  • Energy Sharing – Extra electricity that you don’t use get sent to the city grid for others to use. You are paid by your local utility company for your surplus of electricity. Our utility meter measures your usage and if you produce more power than you use the meter literally spins backward.
  • Surplus Power – This surplus power gives you credit with the utility company that will go toward your next bill. If there are times when you need more power than your solar system is providing, then your utility company provides the electricity your home requires.
  • Our Solar Systems Performance – Paramount Solar systems are designed for the best performance possible. We will create a solar system for your home and for your energy needs.
  • Performance Guaranteed – We’re so confident in our solar systems’ Savings and Electricity Production Estimates that we guarantee them. If your solar system doesn’t produce the energy we described, we’ll write you a check.
  • It all starts with one Free phone call, Go Green Today.